Our Traditional Family values, I can’t stress this enough, is being challenged by elite politicians whose ideas and bad policies keep raising Taxes. They have lost respect for good government. I’m pro God, prolife, pro second amendment, pro parent control when it comes to sex education in schools. I’m asking for your vote.

Within American culture, one of the many families priorities is to invest knowledge and wisdom into our children. To promote healthy independence into our children so they do what prospers them and not what costs them later in life. Education is the best we got to a self-confident America and Texas children deserves the best. Educators skills must be fair and agreeably manageable with the Childs Parental educators. Indoctrinating children in sex or gender confusions is not looking for the next genus in a tailor park. Failing schools and schools charged with corruption is not acceptable. Its not about throwing money at the problems we face when tax payers pay the bill, its about Leadership: the best legislative laws, the best Superintendents, the best school boards, the best principle and assist principles and the best teachers. State Programs that foster working together for success
and solutions. Traditional family values is the backbone of America’s successes and parents that choose Christian charter schools for their children are within their independent right to do so for their child and must always be protected.

We urge school administrators and officials not to infringe on Texas school students’ and staffs’ rights to pray and engage in religious speech, individually or in groups, on school property without government interference. We urge the Legislature to end censorship of discussion of religion in our founding documents and encourage discussing those documents, including the Bible as their basis. Students and district personnel have the right to display religious items on school property.

Because we believe in the freedom of assembly, we urge repeal of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act. Those who assault peaceful protesters acting under the Constitution should be vigorously prosecuted. Picketing and literature distribution do not fall under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

We support the protection of free-speech rights at public universities, including the elimination of politically correct speech codes and “bias-response teams.”

We support the removal of laws and regulations that are used to force business owners and employees to violate their sincerely held beliefs.

Promoting republican legislative priorities that keeps Texas Strong. The Principles in the hearts of every Texan. Texas Laws that foster good governance. Representation to the district that fulfills our priorities, not to special interest or power or money. Texas exceptionalism instead of a slow descent into mediocrity.
Promoting budget reforms that that keep taxes low and provides for the fundamentals and not building debt on the back of our seniors which insures and promotes economic growth for all Texans.

Federal and state legislatures must reduce regulations on Home based work and small businesses. In all counties, and neighboring states that produce oil and gas, should receive a portion of the taxes the state receives so that the road systems can be maintained for the dual purpose of accommodating the needs of the industry and providing adequate public safety.

As state representative a free-market solution for providing utilities whenever will be a focus, and support that all types of insurance rates, to include (but not limited to) health, life, title, auto, and homeowner’s insurance, should be set through free-market forces alone. In these times the nation’s healthcare is at the highest priority. We must protect all citizens by providing the best care to ensure the best quality of life.

We support allowing veterans to use VA medical benefits at private medical providers and not be limited to VA Hospitals.

We support replacing the Veterans Administration with a commercial insurance plan that allows eligible veterans to obtain health services from any licensed provider.

We support the accommodation and reintegration of our troops once their military commitment has expired. Returning veterans must have access to educational benefits, job training, and a wide variety of employment options.

The men and women who wear our country’s uniform, whether on active duty or in the Reserves or National Guard, are the most important assets in our military arsenal. They and their families must have the pay, healthcare, housing, education, and overall support they need. Injured military personnel deserve the best medical, mental health, and rehabilitative care our country has to offer. We must always remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice; their families must be assured meaningful financial assistance. It is the solemn duty we owe, and honor we give, to those who bravely don the uniform of freedom. We support our government in continuing to seek and act upon all information concerning our military personnel and other citizens listed as missing in action or prisoners of war. Veterans Administration monetary benefits shall match present national price index value in all programs.

Existing truancy laws conflict with troop deployments. We believe that truancy laws should be amended to allow a 5-day absence prior to deployments. We support the waiver of out-of-state tuition for any dependent of military personnel stationed in Texas.

“The laws of nature and nature’s God,” and we support the strict adherence to the original language and intent of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutions of the United States and of Texas.

The spending is out of control at the federal, state, and local levels; therefore, something must be done, action is essential.

Amend the Texas Constitution to narrow the permissible uses of the Economic Stabilization Fund to cover revenue shortfalls in the current biennium and expenses related to a state of disaster as declared by the Governor.

We believe all historical war memorials in Texas should be protected from future removal or defacement and that those monuments that have been removed should be restored to their historical locations.

We believe the Alamo should be remembered and not “reimagined.” We believe Texas’s authority regarding the Alamo shall not be infringed upon by any organization or authority, including but not limited to local governments, the federal government, the United Nations, or UNESCO. We demand that the decision-making authority for the Alamo never be removed from Texas, and the custodians of the Alamo be required to: 1) affirm and emphasize the intrinsic significance of the 1836 battle in telling the story of the Alamo, and 2) maintain transparency in finances and operations of the Alamo. Specific protection shall be afforded the site, including all land and existing monuments, including the Cenotaph, which SHALL NOT be moved from its present site.

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