Adam E. Salyer for State Representative District 118

The Leadership Our District Needs

This is a man who knows what he believes and knows how to communicate and above all, knows how to get things done. In this day of scurrilous self-seeking politicians, wouldn’t it be great to have a man of courage, conviction and accomplishment fighting against the establishment and winning for District 118.

Paving the road ahead for District 118 will take determination and like-minded individuals such as ourselves to accomplish what is needed. As state representative the vision for our future is to:

1. Ensure more jobs
2. Economic growth
3. Education
4. Small business growth
5. Public safety in our own back yards.

These are some of the main priorities that us as leaders must focus on for the district. It is time to safeguard traditional values while keeping an optimistic vision for the future.

A Vision For The Future

For too long, District 118 has been overlooked by Texas and the legislators.

I want to help our schools, our businesses and our citizens.

We are rich in land and diverse in population.

We need to get the right people in the right places to bring new business and new jobs into our area.

I am Adam Salyer and I am the right person for State Representative for District 118.

Mission & Values
“Do the things that prosper you, not the things that don’t prosper you.” Adam E. Salyer

Ready to take
the next step and
support Adam?

Support Adam E. Salyer for State Representative District 118

Running a Grass Roots campaign takes support from the people of the district.
Whether your amount is large or small, every donation is appreciated and will help Adam get into office.


Whether you post a sign in your yard, help with phone banks or block walking, or invite friends to your home for a fund raiser; we appreciate your time getting involved in this Grass Roots campaign. Many hands make light work. If you can do anything for our campaign, it is a huge help. Volunteer 🙂